Sally & Sarah's Farewell

Last Friday, we had our Korean BBQ (Part 2) at Del and Joyce's home. It was a cozy time as we all piled into their dining room and basement to share some good korean bbq together. Never get tired of it! When's part 3?!

After dinner, we had time playing board games like Catchphrase and Scattergories along with Yut, a very interesting Korean game totally based on luck...

To end the night, we had a farewell for our precious twins, Sally and Sarah as it was their last day in Maryland. With a need at our church in Virginia, they took up the challenge to be sent off there and help with the college group over at the George Mason campus. We're so grateful for the many precious months we've had with them and the bright personas and joy they brought to our team. We will miss you, Sally and Sarah!



Angela Kim