4th of July

Nothing more patriotic than going to eat Chinese dim sum in honor of Independence Day! Jokes aside, our first 4th of July in Maryland was a keeper! We started off the day by heading to Oriental Express to have some delicious dim sum in Silver Spring. And boy we sure did eat a lot. 


Afterwards, we took a stroll in the park next to Del and Joyce's home and played a game of Ultimate. Too bad we only lasted one round as we couldn't handle the humidity. To think we were escaping the Texas heat by moving to Maryland...

In the afternoon, we headed over to the Domain apartments to chill. We had another brothers versus sisters board game challenge: The Big Taboo. Somehow the brothers won and they'll never forget it.


Dinnertime came and we had our first potluck since moving to Maryland where we ate an assortment of foods together. And of course, you can't end July 4th without some fireworks. We watched fireworks at the UMD parking lot and wow, what a sight to see... One of the best fireworks shows we've ever seen before! And so close to home.