Kayaking on the Potomac

This past Saturday, we had a fun adventure to DC kayaking on the Potomac River. See below for picture of us BEFORE water wars ensued...

We each hopped into a kayak with a buddy and rowed over to the Washington Monument (almost). On the way, people instigated wars with another through splash battles and many people came back to the car soaked... But we enjoyed it! :D

Afterwards, we went to the National Mall to eat delicious BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. We had a sweet picnic on the soft, green grass.

The weather was really nice at DC. Chilly, but sunny. So of course, we would bring out the frisbees to play some Ultimate!

After an exciting day of kayaking and sports, we went to Dolci Gelati for Gelato.


It was a really memorable day of going to new places and trying out new things together. Hope you can join us on our next adventure!

Angela Kim