Domain: Bringing the Bible Study Home

So what's this place called Domain that we keep talking about? It's where most of the Kairos staff live: the Domain apartments right on the edge of campus next to Lot 1. This is where we've been inviting people over for home cooked meals and even where we had our tailgate lunch this past weekend. Such a prime location! Gotta love it!

This past Friday, this is where we had our bible study, right in Kevin and Robyn's living room. We started off with a delish home cooked teriyaki pork dinner (with obligatory salad, of course).

Afterwards, we played a game of Empire, where everyone wrote down their personal embarrassing story and we tried to 'conquer' each other by guessing who wrote what. Hannah came out as the emperor in the end! And we learned quite interesting things about one another...

We then had our bible study, inductive style, where we split off into different groups to study the beginning of Mark 1 together. Del then gave a short message exhorting us to be like John the Baptist who had spiritual potency to those around him because of the way that he was different from the rest of the world. It's through our genuinely living out God's word that we can be a light to those around us on campus.

To top off the night, we headed over to TerpZone in Stamp to go bowling! Join us next time! :)

Angela Kim