UMD vs UCF Football Game

We started the morning off with delicious burgers, chips, and beverages at Domain for our very own tailgate! It was a time filled with fellowship and laughter. We were excited for the football game because Maryland has yet to lose one!

Afterwards, we walked over to the UMD Capital One football stadium and sat together at the top of the stadium. We were basking in the sun, but we still had a great view of the UFC vs. UMD game. During the beginning of the game, it was hard to see Maryland’s second possession Kasim Hill get hurt. With Kasim Hill out of the game and the offense struggling to move the ball, Maryland experienced its first loss of the season 38-10.

After watching half of the game (because the heat was pretty unbearable), we headed over to Kung Fu Tea to have boba and cool down. Even though our football team experienced defeat, we made lasting memories as this was most of our first times going to a Maryland football game!

Angela Kim