Welcome Terps!

What an exciting, packed first week of school at the University of Maryland! Kairos had its first Boba & Boardgames event at the Nyumburu Cultural Center where we played an assortment of board games and enjoyed refreshing cups of bubble milk tea! Mmmm.


This week, we also wanted to try out Ultimate Frisbee in the dark on the beautiful McKeldin Mall, so that's exactly what we did! And man was it fun! We had glow sticks on our wrists to distinguish between the different teams. And of course, we had two glow-in-the-dark frisbees being thrown around for more action, thrill, and excitement. Ended the night with some delicious Rita's!

Throughout the week, we also did other things on campus like Fried Oreos for a Question, Praise Night at Nyumburu Amphitheater, etc. We met a lot of excited incoming terps!


This all led up to our big event on Tuesday, Fresh Start at Stamp! We started the program with the 'Race of a Lifetime' skit. It was a skit that not only brought a lot of laughter, but also some food for thought about what race we are all trying to live for.

36111167284_7431f516ea_k (1).jpg

Del also gave a thought-provoking talk over Luke 12 about the parable of the rich fool as we all got a chance to think about the various things we are investing in. We were encouraged to use college as that 'opportune time' to answer the big questions of life.

To end the night, the band played a beautiful song called “Searching” by Jadon Lavik. It got us to think about what we were actually searching for in life.

"We're all searching for truth
For that one thing we can hold onto
In this world the things we do, come to find
We've been searching all this time
We've been searching for You"


After the program, we had a wonderful time eating Panda Express, having fellowship, and making new relationships. You didn’t want to miss it!